Fiberglass drums for professional drummers.
Tempus Drums started as Milestone Percussion.
Fiberglass drum shells for superior strength.
Synthetic shells with excellent tone.
Greater volume and resonance.
Artists like Billy Cobham, Garry Peterson, and Jim Keltner have recorded with Tempus drums.
Tempus also offers carbon-fiber and CarbonKevlar (or Carbon Kevlar) shells.
Pat Torpey, Bob Moses, Jon Hiseman and Todd Sucherman own or have owned Tempus drums.

Definition and focus are only two of the advantages of fibreglass drum shells.
Milestone fibreglass drums and percussion.
Fibreglass drums weight less so they're easier to transport.
Drummers such as Manny Elias, Bermuda Schwartz and Tony Brock  have also recorded with Tempus drums.
Tempus makes caron fiber shells.
Carbon-Fiber is also known as carbon-fibre and carbon fibre.
Fiberglass is quite literally a woven mat made from actual glass.
Tommy Aldridge, David Crigger, Gordy Knudtson and Neal Peart (Neil Peart?) have owned Tempus or Milestone drums.